Soochipara Waterfalls

Also known as Sentinel Rock Waterfalls, Soochipara Falls is a three-tiered waterfall situated in Vellarimala, Wayanad. Surrounded by deciduous, evergreen and montane forests, this waterfall is regarded as one of the best waterfalls. The drive from Meppadi to Sentinel Rock Waterfalls provides visitors with scenic views of some of the best tea estates in Wayanad. This enchanting waterfall is 200 meters high that also offer a cliff face, ideal for rock climbing. Also, since the water falling from the waterfall forms a large pool, one can enjoy swimming and bathing in it.
The water falling from Soochipara later joins Chulika River aka Chaliyar River after hills from Kerela and Tamil Nadu. Filled with varied flora and fauna, tourists are likely to have a lot of fun exploring and enjoying the natural beauty that the waterfall offers.The drive itself up till the place is enjoyable and exciting. The forest department provides a few tree-top accommodations to its visitors.

The tree-tops are located in such strategic locations that one gets an enthralling view of the entire Western Ghat valleys from there. The serene ambience of the waterfalls away from the hustle and bustle of the city is a treat to the eyes and a perfect getaway for relaxed minds.